The Statistical Confidentiality Committee examines requests for access for new projects in its regular sessions and additional requests for existing projects in electronic consultations.

The Statistical Confidentiality Committee holds four sessions per year.

At each session, the committee examines general questions that come under its remit on any matter relating to statistical confidentiality, then it deals with requests for the communication of confidential data for new projects received by the committee secretariat.

The applicant describes his request, setting out the aims of the study, the main themes of the project, the sources to be used, the planned publications, and the measures taken to ensure that data are protected.

The committee members examine each request in the light of the following criteria:

  • is the aim of the study for which the request is made of sufficient interest?
  • does the applicant offer all the necessary guarantees for the protection of the confidential data that may be transmitted to him?
  • is the communication of this information likely to compromise the rules of competition that the law on statistical confidentiality is intended to protect?
  • is this information not likely to be used for purposes of tax inspection or economic penalties, both of which are prohibited by Article 6 of the Law of 1951?
  • is the information requested not excessive in comparison with the study described to justify it?

They may ask researchers for additional information.

In addition to these sessions, the committee also delivers its opinion electronically regarding additional requests for existing projects. About 8 electronic consultations are organised every year, 4 of which are held on the same dates as the regular sessions.

Rules of procedure of the statistical secrecy committee