Welcome to the website of the confidentiality committee which deals with access to data covered by statistical confidentiality or tax confidentiality.

The Statistical Confidentiality Committee ensures compliance with the rules of statistical confidentiality and gives its opinion on requests to communicate individual data collected during statistical surveys or transmitted to the official statistical system for the purpose of compiling statistics. It carries out the same role for tax data (Article L135 D of the Livre des Procédures Fiscales – Register of tax procedures).

The remit of the Statistical Confidentiality Committee is set out in Law no. 51-711 of 7 June 1951 on legal obligation, coordination and confidentiality in the field of statistics.

The role and operating methods of the committee along with its composition are described on the Committee page

To submit a request for access, go to the Procedure page
The formalities with respect to the GDPR for data processing are in addition, independently, to those of the Committee for access to data (see also under Procedure for more information).
Furthermore, in the case of authorisation for the communication of sources made available via the secure data access centre (CASD), access is only possible after contracting with the CASD and participating in an enrolment session.

NOTE: For public information purposes, the Statistical Confidentiality Committee publishes a list of all ongoing authorised projects.

Production and Research Files (PRF)

For some sources, there are individual data with a lower level of detail for some potentially re-identifying variables. Although also covered by confidentiality, the procedure for accessing these data is simplified. The description of this procedure, as well as the list of RPFs available for each producing service, is given in the opinion of the Statistical Confidentiality Committee of 14 December 2018 (updated on 28 May 2024).

Requests for access to these FPRs for researchers are made through the Quetelet Progedo diffusion website.

For organisations operating within the framework of a public service mission, requests for access must be addressed directly to the producing services.

European microdata

For a limited number of statistical sources, subject to European regulations, confidential data are available, comparable between the countries of the Union. These data are accessible, for scientific purposes only, according to a specific procedure, distinct from the Statistical Confidentiality Committee. Requests for access must be made directly to Eurostat from its website.

Customised dissemination

Carrying out statistical studies or research work does not always require access to individual data. This can often be the case when the studies or research are of a descriptive character, particularly when they focus on small areas or small populations. To respond to these needs in a more appropriate way than by making individual data available, the official statistical service can provide customised tables and statistical products. Interested parties are invited to consult the Insee website or to contact other ministerial statistical offices via their websites.